We are taking a short break from hosting drawing classes.

Elena is still doing her online classes and you can find details on her instagram page:

For Wednesday and Friday evenings I recommend that people attend Life Drawing Barcelona.

You can get more information, login codes etc from

We hope to be back in action soon.

Note: you can still donate

If you need more information contact:

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Classes Postponed
We have to defer our real world classes for a while, since the college that hosts us is closed. We hope to be back to drawing soon. Any prepaid classes are valid for the rest of the year.
Special Drawing Vouchers
A set of vouchers you can buy to keep things going while the studio is closed, to use when we get back to normal. Big savings, but the catch is there no definite date when you can spend them. Buying a voucher is a great way to save money in the future, and helps support the classes while we are having this downtime...
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